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Spending is as Spending Does….

Friday, September 16th, 2011 at 6:33 pm

After meeting with so many people that run, own or manage some portion of a Hotel, Motel or Inn I see one thing over and over and over again. Properties, devalued through the appearance of bathrooms and showers with no solution but wasteful spending in sight…really.

The problems that exist in a bathroom are constantly requiring attention, while deteriorating, while reducing their perceived value in the market, with no plan for changing any of it…really.

Our system would allow all their concerns to be cost effectively address, bring uniformity to their bathrooms, improve appearance, reduce maintenance, reduce the maintenance costs itself, free valuable time. But they don’t see spending as spending.

They cut week to week checks for all the issues in this area, waste administrative time, and because they sink all those costs into “operating costs” they believe that they are not real and cannot be reduced.

The fact is that they are real and, ergo, can be reduced. In no other area of business are we willing to throw money down the drain, almost literally, as we do with bathrooms. They are highly used, highly abused and taken for granted. A hole in the wall, you charge the credit card on file for damage, right? A cracked tile or chip in the tub, you pay for it, right?

With the right implementation of managerial process and our system, the savings are incredible. Call and ask us how and why…

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