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A letter from the VP of Strategic Planning: Christopher Garner

Esteemed Colleague,
Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. If you own or run a hotel, apartment complex, business, or own/manage properties you must read this page completely. What you are about to read will seem to good to be true. It is not too good, but it is true. Upon entering this company within the last year I realized that we had the potential to change the tourism, hospitality and residential property maintenance business permanently and completely.

Existing Challenges

The main problems in hotels and rented residential spaces is the tub and shower area. They require the most work, leave the worst impression and list goes on:

  • Mold and Mildew
  • Guest Complaints
  • Poor Corporate Reviews
  • Health Violations
  • Leaks and Water Damage
  • Repairs
  • Constant Maintenance
  • Administrative Time
  • All the while costing you thousands of dollars, even tens and hundreds of thousands, annually.

Our Custom Glaze Solution

We can offer you the ability to completely eliminate the above list of problems. But in addition to removing these problems from the tub and shower area, we have even more benefits. Our program will:

  • Eliminate Mold and Mildew
  • Reduce Guest Complaints
  • Improve Corporate Reviews
  • Eliminate Health Violations
  • Prevent Leaks and Water Damage
  • Dramatically Reduce Repairs
  • Eliminate Caulking Maintenance
  • Reduce Administrative Time
  • Reduce Cleaning Time
  • Improve Response Time and Service
  • Extend the life of your existing tub and shower by 20+ years!
  • Free up thousands of man hours

Case Study

This truly is the reality of what our product and company can do for you. Look at the example below of a case study we did in a MA based hotel. These numbers are taken from their estimates. Our estimates, which we fell are realistic, are even more impressive. But let’s stick with the most conservative approach we can.

165 rooms

2 one hour visits per tub per year ($25 x 2 x 165 tubs = $8,250)

2 hours a week in admin time ($30/wk x 50 wks = $1,500)

3 admin hours a week in customer concerns ($30/wk x 50 wks = $1,500)

40 hours a year in managerial time to deal with corporate reviews regarding tubs (1/52 of annual compensation est. at $2,115)

20 hours a year dealing with tub repairs ($20 x 20 hrs = $400)

Total: $13,765 annually in tub and shower maintenance while all the above problems still exist!!!!

The problem isn’t just the expenses, it is the fact that the expenses and effort are wasted in a futile battle that is never won and that all the above challenges still exist. Ask yourself this question, “What other problem does your business have that you would be willing to throw money at and make no apparent progress?” The answer is simple, “Not a single one.”

But, due to the industry standard that is exactly what we do. We throw money at it while nothing changes. If you were to handle all your other challenges that way you would surely not be sitting in that chair for long. Why continue to do it the old, outdated, ineffective, inefficient, costly, embarrassing way?

10 Year Program and Projected Costs

Existing Method Total: $162,000

Custom Glaze Total: $100,890

Savings of $61,000!!

In closing, I believe that the above point is made in terms of savings. But this, compounded by the immeasurable difference in service, quality and presentation made by your establishment to your customers is something that forces anyone with a sense of business to contact us and request a free work up based on your specific situation. The more rooms, the older the fixtures, the greater the savings.

I appreciate you taking the time to review this information and look forward to hearing from you.

Christopher Garner
VP of Strategic Planning
Custom Glaze, LLC

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