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Kott Koatings

#1 Product Worldwide

Kott Koatings is the original resurfacing company in America.  Founded in the Detroit area in 1953, now in California, specifically for refinishing porcelain it has evolved into the world leader in resurfacing products with dealerships in 51 nations and 22 time zones.

The Only Polymeric Glaze on the Market

This product is the only “glaze” on the market.  We are neither an acrylic urethane, epoxy nor enamel paint.  We do not need to use an acid wash, any primer nor an epoxy to allow our polymeric glaze to bond directly to your original fiberglass, acrylic, cast iron, porcelain, glass, brick, metal, stone, wood or concrete surface.

The Only Certified Non-Toxic Product

We have the only certified 100% non-toxic resurfacing product on the market.  This test was done by the International Surveillance Government Agency’s Contox Labortory. We are the only Kott Koatings dealership in all of the Northeast. We use the only resurfacing product in the world approved for use on food preparation surfaces.

The dangers of the urethane products are widely known. In fact, our competitor’s products have to be shipped via Hazardous Materials Standards (Haz-Mat) and are struggling to find a way to lower dangers of working with their products.  Read: What the other companies don’t want you to know.

Not a Paint or Epoxy

Ask yourself this question: If we have the only glaze in the world and their product is an acrylic urethane paint then why do they want to use the word “glaze” in their company and product name? Why doesn’t anyone use the word “acrylic” in their company name if their product is so good? What using a glaze means is that our finished product looks more like a toilet than like the paint on your trim in your home. Look a our photos page and ask yourself if the other companies you are looking at take photos of their product up close and in the light like we do…They do not. Because, the paints are “good from far and far from good”.

Our leadership in providing a safe, American made product that has come to dominate the industry world wide allowed Kott Koatings to be recognized by the U.S. Commercial Service with the Presidents E Award for Excellence for our contributions to American exports.

Lifespan of 10-15 Years

When investing in your home we hear the phrase, “Cheap is expensive.”  The implication is that when we spend our money we get what we pay for.  That when we cut corners to try and beat the system we end up regretting it and having to pay for something a second time.  Don’t fall victim to all the people attempting to imitate what we have perfected.

Our glaze not only looks better but is more durable.  That is why companies like AIMCO, a $1.5 billion a year property maintenance company, are starting to see the benefits of using our products.

Five Year Full Warranty

Our product comes with a fully transferrable, full coverage, five year warranty. If there are any issues with the finish as a result workmanship or the product we will return to fix the problem, appropriately, in a prompt and diligent manner at no cost to you. Our advanced operational platform means that we issue a warranty ticket, that is emailed to you, with follow ups and updates to keep you informed.

A warranty is only as good as the people behind it. With 16 years in this business we know what service means and stand by our product. There are many fly-by-night companies in this industry, so Buyer: Beware.

Available in ANY Color

Our California based factory can make our product in any color, in flat or gloss, including clear. Simply get us your favorite paint swatch and we will do the rest. We can make borders, patterns and more. We stock Kolher white and American Standard white to make your tub and tiles match your toilet 100%. Any Kolher color can be ordered.  Custom colors have a fee attached to them and require a lead time of about a week.

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