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What they don’t want you to know!

It is easy to  point out the flaws in your competitor’s products. But the fact that your competitor does it for us is a bit too easy. There are dangerous, toxic, carcinogenic chemicals present in our competitors’ products. Our exclusive non-toxic formula looks better, lasts longer and is #1 world wide! Why? Because our customers know what our competition doesn’t want you to.

Urethane Paints Cause Cancer – Urethane paints (like the ones described as “acrylics” by our competition) are known to cause cancer. Occupational Safety & Health Administration lists these products as carcinogens. They regulate them and provide consistent warnings. Click here to read more.

Below is an excerpt from a letter that was sent to the industry from a leading manufacturer. In their own words, to their own people, regarding their own products (urethane based paints), that we DO NOT USE.

These products are so dangerous that they have to pay extra to ship them as a “Hazardous Material” 


Actual Email From Our Competitors

Greetings Everyone,
A few things have changed lately here at HighKote and I just wanted to keep you posted. For starters, we have done our best to eliminate expensive Hazmat Fees. This has been made possible by the re-formulation of our glaze and offering our proprietary CrossConnect Adhesive and reducer in quarts. Our new glaze is still a 4-1 mix product but higher in solids which means you will get better coverage and more tubs done per kit than our old glaze. If you have not yet tried our new UR Glaze product line, give us a call today for a sample… 201-555-0000 or log in to place an order now…

Also, new at HighKote… the AXIS Pro Air NIOSH APPROVED Fresh Air Breathing System.

These Simple Yet Effective Fresh Air Breathing Systems Take The Fear Out of Working With Dangerous Isocyanates, dusts, mists and harmful vapors. The Pro Air comes standard with an air pump, 40′ of hose and a half or full facemask for one person. The Pro Air lets you breathe cool, fresh air all day long. You haven’t tried anything like this before!

NIOSH Approved for use in any environment not immediately dangerous to life and health.

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