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Protection and Ventilation

Our process has standards to the industry with a few exceptions. All refinishers use drop-cloths, tape, paper, HVLP spray guns and ventilation to refinish tubs. A negative airflow into the bathroom is created by using a powerful air moving that keeps overspray and odors from escaping beyond the work area. But some use steps that we don’t, read more below.

No Acid Etching

Our product adheres so well we don’t need to use dangerous acids to etch the surface of your tub or tile. Many companies still use dangerous acids to create microscopic scratches in the surface of your tub and tile to increase the bond between their product and your surface.

No Sanding

We do not use any sanding (unless we are removing other products, repairing holes, etc) to help our product bond. This can actually create a toxic Lead (Pb) dust. According to studies done in America, an estimated 7 in 10 tubs have leachable amounts of Lead in their surface. Porcelain was made using lead. In fact, most tiles, tubs and porcelain products made prior to 1978 used Lead as a component to create durability.

In some states, like NH, contractors are forced to treat any project on a home built previous to 1978 as a Lead Hazardous Materials Job Site,often adding thousands of dollars to the cost, not to mention damaging the environment. Our product safely seals in any leaching Lead and does it as cost that is in the hundreds of dollars range.

No Primers or Epoxies

We do not need to use any primers. Our product bonds directly to the surface of the tub or tile that we are reglazing. This one step process ensures a longer durability and flexibility. Less layers means less chances for separation. No epoxies means no no brittle cracking or chipping in just a year or two.

Steps in the Process

  1. We clean your tub and tile with non-toxic cleaners.
  2. We remove any caulk.
  3. We make the needed repairs.
  4. We cover the floor and objects in the room.
  5. We remove the fixtures. (optional, conditions permitting)
  6. We tape off the area.
  7. We set up the ventilation.
  8. We mix our glaze and let it set up.
  9. We spray it on.
  10. We bake it to ensure a 24 hour turn around and a smoother finish. (optional, conditions apply)
  11. We remove the protection and ventilation.
  12. We leave the tape up to avoid debris falling into the tub before it is cured.
  13. Review the work and receive payment.
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